It was fun, gave me something to focus toward

After which they cheap canada goose would meander off back to their spot in front off the mirror. This happened three times. Each person just talking at me while I uk canada goose nodded and said yeah as I listened. The honest Canada Goose Online truth is that the way CoS is able to get new members is that the early classes they offer you are legitimately helpful. These classes take the form of pseudo scientific therapy classes where they ask you tons of questions about yourself and uk canada goose outlet make you feel like you can answer honestly in a relaxed, trusting environment. Of course, they totally unlicensed to be giving real psychotherapy sessions, but that essentially what they do (the crazy shit comes later once they already captured you.

My games I programmed on the apple 2E sucked though, I had to restart every time we turned off the computer because my teachers and I could never figure out how to save onto a floppy disk. Media portrayals have influence on people perceptions and prejudices, period. Even if it doesn end racism or make fewer racists exist, pushing certain racist tropes or caricatures out of the mainstream still has value..

24 points submitted 14 hours agoI’ve always felt that Emperor’s Soul got top billing as most people’s favorite Cosmere short. So clearly we’re seeing different parts of the Cosmere community if you feel it’s overlooked. And little to do with the Cosmere overall? Before Secret History came out Brandon was explicit that Shai’s explanation of the three different realms was one of the best, simplest, and most explicit explanation of how the Cosmere works that he’d published yet.Diabetes can be a huge burden emotionally and sometimes it becomes too hard to do all of the daily needs without becoming completely overwhelmed.

So all in all, I would just buy the stick that has the features you would actually use. The obsidian if you want a headphone jack, TE2+ if you want ease of modding art and buttons, or panthera if you want the open up top and detachable cable of the te2+, but also want warranty. In my case, I have an obsidian, since I plan to use a headphone jack more, and I rarely need to swap buttons or need a detachable cable..

Parole, drugs, weapons and theft:Previous to the manslaughter conviction, Glasgow had been convicted of numerous trafficking charges, including in 2006 and 2008. He was out on parole when he killed Terry Scott in 2010. April 2006 he was also convicted for possession of a restricted weapon, obstructing a peace officer and failing to comply with recognizance.

None of that matters anymore. Become one with them. Also TP up to Snipers to force them out of annoying spots, or turret bomb them.. It was fun, gave me something to focus toward. I have been on anti depressants for over a year, recovering from my divorce. This helped a lot I dialed back my dosage, and my libido is back, which makes my girlfriend happy.

The justification for that tax exemption is that fuel taxes pay for roads, and the farm equipment that benefits from the tax exemption is technically not supposed to be using the roads. The third largest category? $570 million for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. (This program is classified as a petroleum subsidy because it artificially reduces the price of fuel, which helps oil companies sell more of it).

Though we make every effort to keep canada goose chateau parka black friday the spam filter accurate, if you believe you are being Way Past Cool yet had canada goose outlet us a post/comment removed, please contact the moderators. Each act had five hidden emblems not unlike red star rings, plus a score, time, and ring attack emblem, with bosses just having a time attaxk emblem. Unlike red star rings, the level design encouraged exploration and alternate routes, making the emblems feel like they had more welght to them.

We are two canada goose offers uk researchers who use D to teach social skills to kids Canada Goose Parka with autism. Recently, we presented the results our research at a national psychology conference and decided the traditional suits and canada goose coats on sale ties wouldn cut it. Instead, we opted to dress in character as Sir Godfrye and Grimbus Firebolt.

It been time canadian goose jacket that has made you a better person, it has imposed discipline on you, it canada goose outlet in montreal has gotten canada goose black friday sale you in better physical condition. It canada goose vest outlet just good for you. So regardless, you should be training in these types of canada goose black friday reddit situations.”Now, once you get to this type of situation, canada goose factory sale canada goose factory sale first of all, how did you get there? Because we need to have situational awareness.

Google, Inc. Is a technology company focused on providing canada goose outlet las vegas web search canada goose expedition parka uk and advertising. The company maintains a large index canada goose outlet reviews of websites and other website cheap canada goose sale content, which is freely available through its search engine. I think I can try and work on some of the rules/truths you mentioned. Some will be harder than others (number 4 specifically as people love to call me shit based on my Bronze icon). I tried other game modes but without the competition they feel pointless.

Meets with Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, who has ties

Still, even if RS can do a lot of the things that AE2 can do, the extra challenge of channels is enough to make me stick with AE2. Refined Storage gives you a “set and forget” system, while AE2 actually requires you to plan your layout and troubleshoot when something doesn’t work. It can be frustrating, but it’s so satisfying when you figure it out and get everything up and working..

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When you know the person is a controlling asshole who tears you down, but you think they hermes replica handbags china are the only ones that could love and understand you, it fucks you up. That why building her self esteem and showing her tough LOVE is important. You should never tell her you hate her, this kind of behavior is only going to contribute to her running back to him.

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Another one that is easy is to make a ping pong toss like this

hermes belt replica aaa You probably won get to see this as this has blown up but from one college educated lady who has worked random odd jobs to another; fuck that other lady! I feel bad for the little girl though. I hope that little girl gets exposed to and becomes friends with different people who have different life paths that she doesn end hermes belt replica up growing with the same mentality. And I the same type of person where I just be shocked at first and then come up with a phenomenal, witty comeback barb three days later. hermes belt replica aaa

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Hermes Handbags Honestly, it’s weird that you would argue it’s more likely that this kid is getting bullied because of his name when there hermes kelly replica handbags is literally no indication of this than that his family actually knows what does on in his day to day life, especially when he’s a pretty open and sensitive kid. But hey, strangers on reddit are always the experts I guessI have never understood the appeal of Wolf/Wolfgang. Wolfgang sounds forced; like forcing a “cool, unique” named that’s actually just weird and I don’t see how it fits a person at any replica hermes kelly bag stage of life: baby? How could you name that sweet thing something so harsh? Teenager? Sounds like a goth. Hermes Handbags

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And he such a film maker, and he knows so much about film, he

In fact , celebrities account for just a fraction of the cases. Fraternities have created secret Facebook pages to share nude imagesof unconscious women taken without their consent. The Defense Department is investigating hundreds of Marines for alleged involvement in a massive scheme to share revealing images of female service members often accompanied by thewomen’s names and harassing commentary..

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cheap vibrators So proud of what our team has accomplished, Moore, who is being replaced in the interim by Rogers Media president Rick Brace, said in a statement. Is in a great place for future growth with all our platforms and I will be cheering on the team from the stands. IS COMING SOON. cheap vibrators

I hope FSU fans don’t poopoo this because it isn’t Fields.This guy is raw, but he has real talent. A lot of people here were calling for him to get more playing time besides Garbage Time, and the only reason I don’t think he ever got a full run is because Bobby was desperate to prove either Pass or Malik could be the guy to preserve Jordan’s redshirt.And if you need more convincing of his potential, he won the same high school award in Florida for his area that Lamar did. Pretty much every recruiting insider said he was one of the biggest sleeper steals of that recruiting class in the ACC.I also saw Travis was applying for a hardship waiver, and the NCAA seems to be pretty open to handing those out for anyone moving closer to home, at least based on the previous couple of years so I think you be in the clear here, at least with NCAA rules..

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sex toys Governor Wolf signed a bill that would scrap the conventional oil and gas regulations, while new rules for Marcellus Shale wells move forward. Wolf also approved a new climate change regulation that lengthens the time lawmakers get to review the administration plans for cutting greenhouse gas emissions to comply with Obama Clean Power Plan. The new drilling rules have been in the works since lawmakers updated the state oil and gas law back in 2012.. sex toys

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cheap sex toys ESP data format is different, you need to convert from one format to another, transferring functionality 1:1 in a context sensitive way with much different engine functionality. Meaning, to port a Quest, the converter needs to remake the Quest itself according to how FNV/FO3 structures that data, make educated guesses how some structure has to be transferred without losing (or accidentally adding) functionality and then translate some of the ESP data structures into Papyrus, because Quests work completely differently in CE 2.0. It certainly possible to a degree.. cheap sex toys

vibrators Long before Ms. Karimova’s formal fall from grace , there were signs that her glamour and celebrity friends could no longer protect her. Her dictator father reportedly beat her up in a family spat in 2013, and Ms. Besides that, I’ve got to tell you something else. I think that the guy is lazy. And it’s probably not his fault because laziness is a trait in blacks vibrators.

Other states, like Arizona, and Nebraska require consent to be

I told my family sa plans ko fourth year college and my brother specifically hated it kasi programmer siya and I guess gusto niya programmer din ako pero they accepted it naman as long as I pay for my own medical school and allowance and lahat and graduate ako sa Com Sci course ko. I’m graduating now, thesis ang kulang. Finished my NMAT na thankfully I got a high score.

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4. Is Sunoco changing its construction method in response to the order? In a few cases, it is proposing to switch to an ‘open trench’ technique, in which the pipe is laid in a trench and then covered over , rather than buried in a tunnel. In the ‘open trench’ cases, the company said it has determined that a change in the construction technique will best protect local water resources, but it won’t affect the construction schedule..

anal sex toys Also? Just be aware that travel and switching lots of time zones can cause some stress on your cycles , as is, and because juggling taking the pill along with that can cause some cycle wonkiness too, don’t be surprised if you experience some mid cycle spotting/withdrawl bleed timing changing for this cycle, etc. Then again, you very may well not experience any cycle strangeness. It is not meant to and cannot substitute for advice or care provided by an in person medical professional. anal sex toys

The seat area is made of a nylon covered pad that measures 17″ x 7″. Two inch webbing is used to make a loop on each side and is sewn along both sides of the cushion. The cushion has a soft velour fabric on one side to provide comfort. For the nitty gritties on what consent and notification involve, check out this great blog post, but in short, states that require consent require that you receive permission from a parent or guardian to have an abortion. Some states require only one parent or guardian, but others, like Kansas and Mississippi, require (and assume a person to have) both. Other states, like Arizona, and Nebraska require consent to be notarized.

cheap vibrators I get what you saying, sincerely. I understand the obstacles and difficulties working on a remote project. I did it for 2 years with a company in China. Gary Orona: Gary, now you’re on to something! Marcellus is my favorite character. He’s in all of us. He’s EGO. cheap vibrators

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vibrators Even though my last day as Marketing Director / staff member is May 13th, I promise not to be stranger! Don’t worry, I will still pop in on the forum and you will still see me around (I am not leaving the industry, so you’ll know soon enough where I am headed ). This was truly a hard choice for me to make. I spent almost 3 years of my waking life dedicated to Eden and I adore you guys! You people are irresistible!. vibrators

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butt plugs Posts: 12677 From: Los Angeles, CA. Even before this ban in SD was proposed, it was extremely difficult for women to get abortions in SD. If states surrounding it also pass similar bills, except for super limited circumstances, imagine how far will people have to travel to get an abortion.[This message has been edited by faifai (edited 02 23 2006).]. butt plugs

cheap vibrators So how did this claim arise? In a 1993 PC Professional article, columnist Lisa Holst wrote about the ubiquitous lists of “facts” that were circulating via e mail and how readily they were accepted as truthful by gullible recipients. To demonstrate her point, Holst offered her own made up list of equally ridiculous “facts,” among which was the statistic cited above about the average person swallowing eight spiders per year, which she took from a collection of common misbeliefs printed in a 1954 book on insect folklore. In a delicious irony, Holst propagation of this false “fact” has spurred it into becoming one of the most widely circulated bits of misinformation to be found on the Internet cheap vibrators.

And some began to say the threats

Fine by me, I just going to keep playing, or play something else for a bit until it fixed, depending on how bad it is, either way, I have fun. But angry people are going to be angry.I Canada Goose Online not suggesting canadian goose jacket the issues shouldn be brought to the attention of the devs, they absolutely should. But there are functional, and respectful, ways to do that.

The last major piece of functional errata that blew up a tournament like this was Flash, in 2007 at GP Columbus. WotC has a strong canada goose outlet woodbury history of not issuing massive functional errata to cards. I say this in full knowledge that Teferi and Ajani Pridemate got super minor tweaks in the last year, and the largest sweeping Oracle change since the Grand Creature Type update canada goose decoys uk happened about one year ago.

But of all the ridiculousness, killing off your character like that was the worst of all. I think the DM had a hard time saying no to you, and felt resentment about that. So he basically acted on it the canada goose retailers uk way he knew how. No clue canada goose uk shop how many basses and amps and cabinets and effects I’ve owned and as I type this I’m just finishing up about a two hour practice that I try to do everyday. I try to do at least an hour on my upright and an hour on electric. I still play scales to warm up, still practice sight Canada Goose Parka reading and try to read about theory when I have time and still usually finish up playing awesome shit like Steve Harris, cliff burton, jaco, geddy Lee, etc.

I would never sell an item if I listened to myself when I criticize my work. What matters is that your always working toward bettering your products. Trust me, us leather work guys can look at an item and tell if someone puts pride into their work. My grandparents died with unforgiveness towards me because of it. Your story is worse of course, and you are right to cut her and him out. I sorry you had to make that choice, it hard being the family outcast even tho it not your fault.

A pic with two goodlooking male friends is Canada Goose sale much better, it will evoke “wow his friends are hot too, i wonder if they are athletes?”. Also females want a man who have the respect of their fellow men. Its more important to a girl that her man is liked and respected by the popular guys in town, buy canada goose jacket than it is that he is respected by the women in townFuck wrote a big reply and this canada goose vest uk shitty app deleted it.

Then came the merge. canada goose jacket outlet uk Gavin was one of only canada goose uk telephone number four people still in the game to get more than one confessional that episode. I admit, I don really remember what they were about, but I do recall thinking canada goose number uk it was strange how, in an episode where so few people got much content, canada goose kensington uk Gavin was someone given attention.

I want a child of my own and have made allusions towards that. He always seemed open to it but lately has been saying things like he “doesn’t want Canada Goose Outlet to go through that all again” and that he’s “been there” already kinda thing. Anyways, I’m watching the comments on this thread because I’m planning on talking with my bf about it soon..

After a few more minutes of searching i still could not find the bathroom, I gave up and went looking for my dad again, thankfully he was able to get away for a moment and he did not believe me when i told him that there were people in the cells. He followed me uk canada goose back to the cells. The empty, full of spider webs, cell doors wide open, holding cells. canada goose outlet toronto factory

I understand your pain and agree, you guys shouldn’t try to take in these kids. But, it’s not all black and white. Find the small ways you can help. “It really doesn’t matter now. I got into Memphis. And some began to say the threats, or talk about the threats that were out.

Share with people how you are feeling when they ask. Accept meals made or Uber Eats contributions. Let folks take your kids to practice. She has agency and lack of control all at once. While you sit in place and watch, she is free to swirl about you, and yet cannot completely leave your side. And yet unless your gravity increases, she can not come any canada goose outlet boston closer.

Shotgun slugs vs buckshot range doesn come into play at the D table. Shot is effective at 30 yards (180 feet), no problem. Also shot is quite good against cover, both in terms of how it degrades the protection and how the spread finds cracks. About a year ago I purchased my first indoor surveillance camera. I was particularly interested in using it at night because it had good night capabilities. I canada goose outlet store uk set it up downstairs, cheap canada goose turned off all the lights and then went upstairs and watched through a tablet (camera was connected through wifi).

At the very core of Christianity is the truth of the gospel. We understand certain doctrinal truths, which God uses as the instrument of our faith in Christ upon hearing the Word, to be essential for conversion, reconciliation to God, and deliverance from God’s justice. They summarize what we must believe in order to be a Christian.

Meghan time in the cutthroat acting world with demanding

Because we all felt mad he had left us, and somehow I was the anointed avenging angel, who had to speak for everyone. But Chevy and I are friends now. It’s all fine.”. “Because I’m older,” he said, with a laugh. “Now I feel a deeper responsibility to tell stories that have some kind of social meaning.” He added: “If I have a choice between a movie that is 100 percent for the audience and a movie that says something about the past that resonates for me or elevates a conversation that might have been forgotten, like with ‘Munich’ I will always choose history over popular culture. Even with all the popcorn in a film like ‘Ready Player One,’ it does still have social meaning.”.

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cheap sex toys I am totally blown away by this toy. The clitoral arm is nothing like the one on the ina that has caused so much trouble by not being flexible, rather it is incredibly flexible just like with a regular rabbit and it also has quite a reach so the external part should suit pretty much everyone. The shaft though, it might be a bit too long for some and not give enough stimulation to others. cheap sex toys

male sex toys Any ideas anyone may have that there is one default sexuality or sex life, one set of sexual things or ideas that most people or all people except you idealize, want, experience, enjoy or sign unto are incorrect. It’s normal to have a range of emotional and physical reactions to all kinds of sex as well as to not sex at all. It’s normal for people to be sexually attracted to any number of different kinds of people or to not be sexually attracted to people. male sex toys

cock rings The packaging warns not to take more than one pill every 24 hours, so this isn’t a case of more is better when using this supplement. Just like with medications, supplements can affect people differently and some women may feel the effects more or less strongly than others. Always pay attention to your body and how you feel and don’t ignore or dismiss any symptoms or side effects you have after taking any supplement.. cock rings

cock rings Will happen if you close to the Queen grandson. But if you stray away from him (Harry) and start to do things by yourself, that when there could be problems. Meghan time in the cutthroat acting world with demanding filming schedules would prepare her for what she was about to experience this Christmas.. cock rings

cock rings While Hitler is famous for his table monologues , Stalin is famous for shittalking. In his table rounds, Stalin had the habit to raise the glass and adress each of his guests personally. If somebody had failed in his eyes politically or as general, he would give comments that ranged from salty and laced to open attacks.. cock rings

cheap vibrators This leads to idiots trying anal with no lube/prep and then wondering why their partner hates it or even damaging their partnersI seen some such productions, in some cases it seems they inserted internally with likely silicone lube and removed any external lube. Hard to see unless looking really closely and it HD/UHD quality video. I don know whyI seen some such productions, in some cases it seems they inserted internally with likely silicone lube and removed any external lube. cheap vibrators

cheap vibrators Please upvote if it adds to intelligent discussion, downvote if it doesn for donations or linking to your own YouTube channel is annoying and prohibited.Documentaries only. The following are not considered documentaries on this subreddit: TV news, articles, interviews, lectures, amateur home videos, mockumentaries, biopics, and vlogs.Mods reserve the right to apply the don be a jackass rule. Please be respectful to other users. cheap vibrators

male sex toys Yet when the Toronto run ended, Mr. Karimloo didn’t go home to London, but rather, straight to Broadway for a furious four weeks of rehearsals. There he intends to change up Valjean yet again. Estevez had directed his father once before, in 1996 The War at Home, about a Vietnam veteran (played by Estevez) struggling to cope with life back in America. Sheen plays his unsympathetic father. How does Sheen think his son ability as a filmmaker has changed over the years? ‘He always been very impressive, he says. male sex toys

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You’re going to have to fight ’em, or (have sex with) ’em.”The government counters that prison officials had no legal duty to place Cuoco in protective custody without a reason. A medical examination five days after she was allegedly raped showed no evidence of an assault and no inmates were charged with rape after an FBI investigation.”In light of the realities of prison life, the Federal defendants acted reasonably,” the government said in court documents. Considering that there must be a reason why they went to prison in the first place.

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anal sex toys Also, it says I’m negative for HSV 1 and 2. But I’ve had cold sores. It is not meant to and cannot substitute for advice or care provided by an in person medical professional. According to the sizing chart, I am a medium. Sizing for this might be a bit iffy, since this slip does have a bit of stretch to it and there is only one row of hook and eye closures, making it not very adjustable. For me, this fit great everywhere but the bust, where it was a little too big. anal sex toys

male sex toys Currently my favorite way to use it is to warm it up by cleaning it in warm water before use. Warming it up creates a more realistic feeling. I still think it is a good value for the money if you get it on sale.. Lange. Mr. Shepard wrote or collaborated on screenplays for, among others, the directors Michaelangelo Antonioni (“Zabriskie Point anal sex toys,” 1970), Robert Frank (“Me and My Brother,” 1969) and Wim Wenders (“Paris, Texas,” which won the top prize at the 1984 Cannes Film Festival).. male sex toys

anal sex toys I have three piercings, 2 in my right ear and one in my left. My friend had hers done for an Easter present and I thought they were pretty. The third ear piercing I did about a year ago. Did you know? The Nirvana hit Like Teen Spirit is really about. DEODORANTNews Group Newspapers Limited in England No. 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. anal sex toys

The bottle itself is a plastic, 8 fl oz. Container with a standard black, click top cap. It gets a little oily and messy around the neck of the bottle and cap, but a little oozing is to be expected. I’m gaining such an understanding of how people work. I feel like I’m a psychologist doing hands on research.When I stripped, I was young and nave and just accepted the assigned gender roles. So that meant men were predatory creeps, and women were victims.

cock rings I normally ship within 2 3 days Priority Mail for most small things and use FEDEX for larger items. I ship by USPS for items outside of the United States. I ship those items also within 2 3 days. Tech billionaire Elon Musk recently warned that artificial intelligence could destroy humanity, which is already “part cyborg” because of our dependence on smartphonesNews Group Newspapers Limited in England No. 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. “The Sun”, “Sun”, “Sun Online” are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. cock rings

male sex toys A little perspective here: while a thinner walled glass toy isn as shatterproof as a thick walled one, it still much safer than a rubber toy or a TPR toy. A rubber toy can harbor bacteria and give you infections while you use it. A “thinnest safe” glass toy may break or chip when it not being used, but it won break inside you or cut you as long as you always check for chips and cracks before every use.. male sex toys

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butt plugs ISo I usually pay more attention to my gspot when I masturbating, but during my “time of the month” sometimes I will use a bullet on my clit instead for probably longer than I should which sometimes results in overstimulation. I don know if this sounds silly, but I always heard of overstimulation causing permanent loss of feeling and been a little paranoid about it happening. Google is telling me this is most likely a myth, but it just hasn felt as good lately, maybe I just not as turned on as usual, but I still a bit worried and wanted to ask here.. butt plugs

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male sex toys I feel your pain. I live with my mother, and we have a LOT of power struggles over what is and isn’t good for my son. We keep these lists posted on the fridge. The FPM can be cleaned with toy cleaner or toy wipes, Isopropyl alcohol is also an option. If you choose to wash it with water and antibacterial soap, you’ll want to take care that you don’t get water in the exposed charging port. The head tends to accumulate fluids in the ribbing, so each grove may require special attention male sex toys.

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The three sisters of A WA (that’s “AY wah,” or “yeah” in Arabic) are all about multifaceted identity. They mesh a Yemenite Jewish song culled from a tradition by, for and about women, and passed down through many generations with EDM and hip hop. Talk about intersectional: these are Jewish women, singing in their native Arabic, in bracing, close three part harmony.

cheap sex toys Just to expand on what Redskies has put there, for areas around Manchester there is MORF (unfortunately only for trans people assigned female at birth). The same group also has a binder exchange program which runs country wide, which I have used and recommend. However, it is just a list of information online (but very well organised) and not direct support.. cheap sex toys

butt plugs You have a very vague idea of what you are talking about. True, there are plenty of internal issues, but none of them should be a concern of foreign nations, just like US arms issues are their own internal issues. In the universe where I live, Iran does not have neither ICBMs nor nukes and has agreed to stop pursuing them. butt plugs

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butt plugs Another deep injection well has been proposed for Clearfield County. State Rep. Camille George has introduced a bill that would put a two year moratorium on any new wells in the state.. You certainly can and should ask him what he likes and work together on it if you both want to, but do leave room for him potentially just not liking oral sex in general right now. Some folks don’t. So, yes there can be “bad oral sex for a guy,” if a given guy doesn’t happen to like it or find it interesting. butt plugs

sex Toys for couples How can a penis entering the virgina have any affect on the clitoris? Thank you for your response!You know, I always feel for heterosexual or bisexual folks when they clearly have paid attention to this stuff, done the reading or just talked to women, put it all together and have that “Whoah!” moment about this issue. With so many people reared to think that male female vaginal intercourse is THE sex, and how many gender issues are often involved in that social conditioning, even though it’s ultimately positive to start reaching these conclusions about the reality of the thing, for plenty of people cheap vibrators, it can feel like an awful lot of air is being let out of the proverbial sails. But really, I swear: it’s a positive realization that benefits everybody.Let’s take a look at that piece together, okay?(You might also find it helpful to look at this article, Yield for Pleasure and this one, Vagzilla! (Or, All Genitals Great and Small)).First of all, understand that the clitoris is bigger than it looks: it isn’t just the glans and the hood that you can see on the outside, it’s also internal, as explained and illustrated about halfway through that article. sex Toys for couples

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cheap sex toys I thought I was open minded but I was shocked when I was processing marriage packet of two female soldiers. (I worked in S1, HR department of the Army.) Many great friends I had in the Army were gay or bi so I know enough to understand what it means to be sexual minority. But most Koreans never have that chance.I didn like Effect for a while as all those dramas he made were looking childish, but I understand everything and feel sympathy for him.Evenstar61321 Bandwagon Fan Vancouver Titans RunAway 83 points submitted 3 days agoI disagree cheap sex toys.

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