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“Ask Cousin Gabe” is an article at where I answer questions from readers. If you want to ask me a question, about wagering, any forthcoming fight cards, or MMA in general, please email it to and be sure to include your title and location.
“Thinking about going all within an Ngannou. What should you say?” -Miami, Rich, FL
He very well could acquire, but I believe those of you paying -325 to get Ngannou over Junior Dos Santos are simply out of your thoughts. The lineup should be -160, therefore while I also personally want to back Ngannou together with my wallet in this area, I can not do this at these odds. I think we’re looking at a”puppy or pass” situation, and personally, I’m going to have a dilemma on whether to take a snapshot on the puppy or not. I believe he holds value, but I don’t enjoy the fact he is carrying on a heavy hitter coming off a knockout loss.
“Are you going to have any plays for the Dana White Tuesday Night Contender Series struggles?” -Rick, Ashford, WA
I have bet on several battles in previous weeks but haven’t had the time to place any plays out, considering the lines come out Monday night and the fights are on Tuesday night. I will try, but will not have the ability to have it done this week . The quantity of work it takes and the time that I have do not appear possible, particularly considering I need want to place out at least two plays. While I won’t have the ability to have an article out for it this week, I really do like Tiffany Masters +115, since I think she should be a -170 betting favorite heading into her matchup versus Jamie Colleen.
“I’m seeing NYC next month. Do you have any restaurant recommendations? ” -Jim, Odessa, TX
To find the best pastrami sandwich on Earth, go to Harry and Ida’s at the East Village.
For legit Brazilian acai (and Brazilian dishes), go to Berimbau du Brazil in the West Village.
For a fantastic piece, my top 2 places right now Joe’s on Carmine and Williamsburgh Pizza on Broome/Allen. Little Italy Pizza in the Financial District is a great 24-hour joint, also, for a late night piece. For some fantastic soup, The Original Soup Man in Hell’s Kitchen is your spot to strike! You will remember it from”The Soup Nazi” episode of Seinfeld. The soup there is untrue, as is their lobster roll, and sometimes you’ll discover the actor who plays the Soup Nazi there shooting photos with customers/tourists.
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